This one really hurt!

O.k. This one was exceptionally difficult for me to handle. I appreciate you probably drive her hard, but why man why?

The car is slightly biased towards oversteer (mostly because of the go cart handling at the front). But not too much, and you can mostly tune that with some front and rear width tire stagger. But at high speeds where a wing would come into play would you need it? Perhaps, but not this monstrosity. Oh someones god fucking no.

And yes, that is a sticker of Darth Vader asking “who’s your daddy?” I also don’t know how I feel about that either.

You’re doing it wrong

Reader submission from JB.

Oh for fucks sake. First off that belongs on a 911 not a beetle. Trust me your never going to get that pice of shit going fast enough to need it. Second your Whale Tail is supposed to help with the downforce of your car, not rip the fucking bonnet off of it.

Is that a spoiler or are you just happy to see me?

This weeks reader submission was brought to you by the lovely Katie, who found this brightly colored drag producing automotive clitoris. Is this supposed to be a fucking spoiler, or an air brake? Somehow I feel dirty staring at it. Like it’s part of the car that should be covered by pants. I hope the owners doesn’t think that driving around with a bunch of sunflowers on their dash is going to distract people from seeing this perversion.

We have liftoff

There’s so much going on in this one. First we have the spoiler itself, I’m positive this gigantic monstrosity is not only adding drag, but producing lift. Hell it looks like it’s made to fucking take flight. This is something NASA would build. Then there is the color, because why match the shit on your car right? Just slap it on there it’ll look good. Next we got eagle in the window, because fuck yea America I guess?All of this mind you is on an Explorer Sports Trac, the supposedly “classy” pickup. And to top it all off we get a burned out row home in the background because nothing screams Baltimore like an abandoned burned out row home.

The Wings of Freedom

The spoiler that started it all. Found in local parking lot. I’d give more details of where but this looks like the kind of fellow that would see this on the internet then wait for me outside to hit me in the head with a brick.