We have liftoff

There’s so much going on in this one. First we have the spoiler itself, I’m positive this gigantic monstrosity is not only adding drag, but producing lift. Hell it looks like it’s made to fucking take flight. This is something NASA would build. Then there is the color, because why match the shit on your car right? Just slap it on there it’ll look good. Next we got eagle in the window, because fuck yea America I guess?All of this mind you is on an Explorer Sports Trac, the supposedly “classy” pickup. And to top it all off we get a burned out row home in the background because nothing screams Baltimore like an abandoned burned out row home.

One thought on “We have liftoff

  1. Hey don’t make fun of my Sports Trac ahole!!

    You’re right it does produce lift, dick!! It’s intentional, it’s part of my DIY space shuttle kit…. That’s right, I was the first to buy one!!

    Not so stupid now is it? That’s what I thought.

    I said good day!

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